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  • How do I know if I have enough damage?

If you contact us we will send a personalized weather map of your residential address.This report will show the date and size of hail at your specific address. Often the damage can not be seen from the ground.

  • Is all damage covered by my insurance company?

We will send an Insurance Claim Specialist to inspect your roof and help determine if there is enough serious damage. If it is found to be, we will personally meet with your insurance adjuster and help guide you through the process.

  • How do I know the job will be handled professionally?

We use quality products. All our work is done up to code. Our shingles come with a lifetime warranty. We make sure to keep your property clean. We clean up continually through until the job is complete.

  • Is there a limited time to make a claim?

In certain circumstances insurance companies will only covered damages made within a year of the storm claim.

  • Will my insurance cover all the costs? How much will I be responsible for?

After the claim is approved the insurance company does cover most costs. Most companies do require a deductible to be paid out of pocket. However, we do offer a referral program to help cover this out of pocket cost. Ask for details about this program.

  • How long is the claim and remodel process?

On average it takes two weeks for a claim to be approved and completed by our contractors. We send enough manpower to start and complete your roof on the same day.

Don't end up paying THOUSANDS out of your savings for a roof that should have been covered by your homeowner's insurance!!

A new roof on average could cost you $12,000 out of pocket without a claim.

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